Alex (screaminatawall) wrote,

i will watch you bleeeed.

i started listening to it dies today again, its been a while
i still have to get a hold of their new release. ive been told its not so good, but ivbe been told new underoath isnt good as well and i love it. not for what underoath was or became. but for what it is its amazing.
so i cant wait to hear the new it dies today.

a reminder to all that give a shit we will be palying with Hopesfall and BBABH at lx on the 19th tickets are 10 dollars in advance i beleive. so please make it if you can, and support your friends or local scene or whatever excuse you wanna use, be there.

whats new? nothign much really. i might be going out less. i need to save up money, were going back to the studio sometimes in the near future, and were getting a van by the end of the month if all goes well. so i need $$ for that. and going out + food blalbal isnt very economic.

but ill make exceptions for the few's friendship i value and hold close to my heart.

isabel i love you but iw ant my hat back soon, so wear it all you want while you can haha :)

woo i might get used to this posting stuff.
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