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you all love me

12 June
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post mortem beauty queen
come on baby play dead for me
you're my sole obsession,
the inception of my descent
I screamed i loved you,
As that needle kissed your skin
With a scent so sweet
My concubine drenched in sin

Fall prey to me
In the still of night
My fallen angel
Embrace me with your dead kiss

And never love me, you're my fallen angel
I'll never let you love me, no you're my fallen angel

You're beauty is like a wilted rose, as you lie there and death becomes you.....YEAH

Breeding my infatuation with soft lips and pale dead skin
Watching the flesh tear by the hand of the dull saw tooth, is where i screamed i loved you....WOW
Breeding my infatuation with soft lips and pale dead skin

Dead eyes stare at the last face she'll ever see, forgive me
Close your eyes fade into eternity, forgive me
Dead eyes stare this is the, last face she'll ever see
Close those eyes now and forgive me
Close...now you close your eyes, and never get to love me
Fall prey to me, you're my fallen angel